La Ferrari

La Ferrari

Blender, Unreal Engine

The goal of this project is to practice the Unreal workflow. Especially the light setting and render setting process.

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The car model was created using the "Transportation" Blender addon. I made some changes of material categorization for the further work in Unreal Engine. I also fixed face normals and some loose vertices so that the model has the right face culling in Unreal Engine. To transfer the model to Unreal, I used the Blender to Unreal addon.

The scene was created in Unreal, and the materials were sourced from the "Automotive Materials" package. The main focus of the project was to become familiar with light settings and render settings. For lighting, I utilized a directional light with an HDRI backdrop to provide a base. I also added some rect lights for detailed parts. Finally, I made some adjustments in the PostProcessVolume and rendered the scene with path tracing.

Scene and light settings in Unreal Engine